Victoria Beckham at Range Rover

victoria_ranger1Who could imagine that Victoria Beckham is now, apart from many other things, the creative design executive of Range Rover. That’s a new “plus” for her multi-faceted CV which includes successful career periods as a singer, dancer and designer. She’s really smart and talented after all. The big news of the current partnership came off formally at a party celebrating 40 years of the legendary car. She looked stunning in a nude silk dress from her own Fall/Winter 2010/11 Collection.

Η Victoria Beckham, ταλαντούχα και έξυπνη, μας αιφνιδίασε ξανά, υπογράφοντας συμβόλαιο με την εταιρία αυτοκινήτων Range Rover. Φαίνεται το δημιουργικό της ταλέντο και η αγάπη της για το design δεν περιορίζονται στο ρούχο αλλά εξαπλώνονται και στο αυτοκίνητο.

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