Simon Cracker FW24: Upcycling One’s Way to Timelessness

The Simon Cracker Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection, showcased at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, embodied a unique narrative and aesthetic. Inspired by the serene, dream-like state before sleep, as described in Banana Yoshimoto’s 1989 book “Asleep”, the collection reflected a tranquil and introspective mood.

This concept was artistically translated into fashion through a palette of faded colors, achieved by dyeing pre-assembled garments, resulting in a spectrum of soft shades.

The collection stood out for its distinctive approach to upcycling, a hallmark of Simon Cracker’s ethos. The designers emphasized that upcycling is a means to a deeper story rather than an end in itself. The garments showcased a look that seemed dusted or rain-drenched, achieved through the use of old opaque sequins and silvery paints. This technique lent an aged, patina-like quality to traditional men’s tailoring, a key element of the brand’s DNA.

Pearls scattered on felted fabrics and old bed sheets captured the ethereal glow of moonlight, adding a poetic touch to the collection. The show also featured a collaboration with artist Sue Clowes, known for her dreamy, hand-printed designs on denim garments.

Overall, the Simon Cracker FW24 collection was a testament to the brand’s commitment to thoughtful fashion narratives, underscored by a gentle and knowledgeable approach to rebellion in the contemporary fashion landscape.

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