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matthew_book1Though he’s still young he already has his first volume on his work, a gorgeous coffee-table book which is due out this October. Matthew Wlliamson has stunned us with his colors and prints so that most people related to fashion will be thrilled to receive this book as a gift. The foreword is written by his close friend and designer Sienna Miller! We cannot figure out which kind of need led to a preliminary recapitulation of his career, but it could possibly be a derivative of the shock caused by McQueen’s untimely death. Suddenly publishers realized that good designers deserve their place into to the world of books while on their peak, because their work is inspiring – sometimes even a matter of worship.

O Matthew Wlliamson έρχεται σε ένα πολυτελή τόμο τον Οκτώβρη που περιλαμβάνει πλούσιο φωτογραφικό υλικό από την μέχρι τώρα πορεία του στο χώρο της μόδας.

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