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The Blonds FW23: Gems of the Past

Concluding Fashion Week FW23 with a flourish, The Blonds’ finale showcased captivating flair reminiscent of New York City’s vibrant ambiance. The mood was set with echoes from the 1965 film, Valley of the Dolls, a touchstone for the season’s inspiration. Nods to the 60s were apparent in the Spring Studios gallery, with lavish jewel-themed decorations, projections, and plush rugs by Wear the House.

Channeling the glamour of yesteryears, Creative Director David Blond highlighted the brand’s reinterpretation of classic Hollywood allure. Elizabeth Taylor’s renowned affinity for jewels and timeless movies from the 60s laid the groundwork for the collection. Elements of personal experiences blended seamlessly with tributes to icons like Taylor and cinema classics.



Phillipe Blond ignited the runway, donning a sparkling catsuit paired with a faux fur coat. Models adorned in bouffant hairstyles and 60s makeup drew parallels to iconic figures like John Waters’ Divine and Elizabeth Taylor. Partnering with Preciosa, The Blonds accentuated the collection with grand gem motifs, reminiscent of Taylor’s legendary jewelry trove.


The pièce de résistance was Dominique Jackson’s ensemble, featuring a luminous diamond design beneath a regal white fur coat. Reflecting on The Blonds’ longstanding connection with Jackson, the look was reminiscent of a diamond, which mirrored Jackson’s intrinsic radiance. David Blond spoke of their history, drawing inspiration from Jackson’s brilliance. As the models created a gem-like tableau, Jackson epitomized the central jewel.

Jackson, celebrated for her modeling prowess and ballroom expertise, shared her approach to embodying The Blonds’ narrative. Emphasizing the art of walking and storytelling, she underscored the significance of resonating with a designer’s vision. The FW23 collection’s tale resonated deeply with Jackson, likening the gemstones to individuals striving to shine brilliantly. Grateful and honored, Jackson extolled the virtues of support, love, and the universal desire to dazzle like diamonds.

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