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Kallmeyer FW23: Evolution of Tailoring

Over a decade ago, Daniella Kallmeyer embarked on her journey of crafting meticulously tailored suits. Today, with a flagship on Orchard Street and a spot in New York Fashion Week, her brand’s core principles remain unaltered.

Fall 2023 showcased woolen ensembles with distinctive waistbands and a smooth chartreuse suit crowned by a double-breasted jacket. A notable dress caught attention with its side slits tied by miniature bows.

Among the collection were blue-and-cream striped knits, and shirts seamlessly incorporating ties in varied patterns. Essentially, the collection presented a holistic wardrobe, mirroring a trend many designers are reviving. Although the brand has evolved, Kallmeyer’s signature designs of spacious trousers and snug waistcoats had already set the precedent for versatile women’s suiting.

Unfazed by the industry’s growing emphasis on three-piece suits or the newfound attention her brand attracts, Kallmeyer prioritizes pieces that strike a balance between sophistication and laid-back comfort. The garments, while spacious, avoid being excessively large, and the outerwear exudes both luxury and ease.

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