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Francesca Liberatore SS24: Art & Sustainability

Francesca Liberatore‘s Spring Summer 2024 collection, showcased at Milan Fashion Week on September 19, 2023, was a remarkable event that highlighted her innovative approach to fashion design. This collection marked a significant departure from her previous work, as it was entirely crafted from leather, aligning with the inauguration of the international Lineapelle Fair at Rho Fiera Milano.

Liberatore’s SS24 collection was not just about presenting a range of garments but also about exploring the concept of cyclicity, traceability, and the potential for reuse of materials. Her collaboration with Lineapelle emphasized various aspects of leather, including its natural properties, innovative finishing techniques, and the upcycling of waste materials from the food industry. This approach showcased an environmentally responsible side to fashion, highlighting Liberatore’s commitment to sustainability.

The collection itself was a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. It featured nude body suits that artfully combined different shades of leather, metallic tops, and pleated skirts, each uniquely reworked, washed, and altered to create diverse textures and visual appeal. The modular approach to the designs deconstructed the human body, allowing it to be reassembled into accessory parts like jewel collars, cuffs, or top bands in knitwear. This visionary interpretation challenged conventional clothing norms, redefining the relationship between fashion and the body.

Each piece in the collection was numbered, akin to art pieces, emphasizing the uniqueness and exclusivity of the garments. This numbering system also reinforced Liberatore’s mantra of producing less to ensure higher quality and sustainability. Additionally, Liberatore involved seven talented Fashion Design students from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in her style office, integrating their strengths, knowledge, and sustainability-driven values into the project. This collaboration not only nurtured the next generation of designers but also infused the collection with fresh, innovative ideas.

Following the event at Milan Fashion Week, Liberatore planned to present her collection once more at the Palazzo Diamanti Museum in Ferrara and subsequently in Macao, China, and New York City. These showings were set to be a comprehensive display of her work, allowing audiences to witness the evolution of her designs.

Our Editor, Elena Sendona, at Rho Fiera Milano for the Francesca Liberatore SS24 show

Francesca Liberatore’s SS24 collection stands out not only for its innovative use of leather but also for its artistic vision, commitment to sustainability, and the integration of young talent into the creative process. It’s a collection that transcends mere fashion, becoming a reflection of Liberatore’s artistic philosophy and attention to detail.

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