Dancing Plates: La DoubleJ’s Spectacular Showcase at Milan Design Week 2024

In the midst of Milan Design Week 2024, a celebration of innovation and creativity, La DoubleJ unveils its latest collection, “Solar,” alongside a stunning retrospective of the brand’s entire home decor universe. Elevating this extraordinary showcase to new heights, La DoubleJ enlists the imaginative vision of artist, director, and creative director Max Siedentopf to create a one-of-a-kind installation titled “Dancing Plates,” a mechanized masterpiece designed to highlight La DoubleJ’s home collection.

The Installation: Dancing Plates

Inspired by the revolutionary “Solar Do Nothing” machine by Eames from 1957—one of the first devices to convert solar energy into electricity—Max’s “Dancing Plates” installation utilizes 16 synchronized machines, each adorned with over 50 pieces from the new Solar Collection. Drawing from the rotating, moving forms of the original artwork, Max’s creation pays homage to Italy’s iconic passion for gathering loved ones around the table. Surrounding this central art piece is the entire constellation of La DoubleJ’s home decor, with each wall serving as a canvas for collections created over the past seven years. Visitors are invited to contemplate the properties of the Divine Masculine within themselves—qualities of power, visibility, confidence, boldness, and protection—reflected in the giant solar mural at the heart of the space.

The Collection: Solar

Inspired by the illuminating energy of the sun and the properties of the Divine Masculine, the “Solar” collection represents La DoubleJ’s most comprehensive home decor line to date. Featuring 36 pieces of porcelain with gold details, hand-blown Murano glass, and Como-printed fabrics, each piece celebrates Italian craftsmanship. Presented in a warm palette of terracotta, egg yolk, and deep indigo, the collection includes a range of serving trays, reflecting its core design principle—shared moments of celebration and connection.

The Space: Palazzo Belgioioso

For this special edition of the Salone, La DoubleJ sought an extraordinary venue to showcase its collection. The Palazzo Belgioioso, an 18th-century Milanese architectural treasure, not only provided a stunning backdrop but also inspired the “Sunrays” design motif found in La DoubleJ’s recent collections. The space’s current use as a gallery made it the perfect location to present this retrospective of La DoubleJ’s home decor—an ode to the “Art de La Table” approach that informs all their designs.

The Artist: Max Siedentopf

Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Max Siedentopf has captivated the world with his whimsical creations, from Berlin to Amsterdam and the Namib Desert. His unique, irreverent eye has earned him numerous awards and accolades (including an Emmy!) for his exceptional immersive art installations. A true visionary, Max’s playful and unconventional approach aligns perfectly with La DoubleJ’s creative ethos, transforming their home decor into extraordinary works of art in motion.

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