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Ashlyn FW23: Past Meets Present

Ashlynn Park adopts a hands-on approach to creation, preferring to mold on a form. At the Cristina Grajales Gallery, spectators watched as Park, a disciple of Yohji Yamamoto, crafted a prototype for a sidesaddle riding skirt, which was then showcased by a model. Overwhelmed by her dedication, Park noted the personal touch she embeds in each piece.

This season, inspired by “The Tudors” exhibition, Park incorporated a royal theme. Elements reminiscent of the 16th century, like a diamond motif seen on a pleated attire, evoked imagery of medieval times. Jackets bore hints of armor designs and patterns reminiscent of age-old velvets.

While historical nods were evident, Park’s designs were distinctly contemporary. She pushed the boundaries of proportion, merging designs like a pleated mini with draped skirts, creating unexpected yet captivating visual contrasts.

These designs blurred gender norms, with women’s attire drawing heavily from men’s fashion and archetypes.

For the first time, Park dabbled in accessories, crafting the collection’s brooches. The pieces highlighted a return to form-fitting designs and celebrated the feminine silhouette, evident in a coat assembled from pieces symbolizing the female form. Each garment stands testament to Park’s unparalleled expertise, passion, and commitment.

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