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PH5 FW23: Beyond Knits

For their oceanic-themed Fall 2023 show, PH5 creators Wei Lin and Zoe Champion employed reused plastics. Keen on addressing plastic’s detrimental marine impact, they decided to craft these plastics into chic top-handle bags post-event.

This initiative embodies PH5’s ethos, blending responsibility with innovative design, evident in their vibrant dresses with wire-tubed hems evoking marine life. While PH5 previously specialized in knitwear, Fall 2023 introduced woven fabrics, notably a navy puffer with pink knitted sleeves.

Their knit experiments, like the seaweed green ensemble mimicking a Canadian Tuxedo, are standout features. They’re now promoting layering for an avant-garde look, breaking from their wavy-hem dress mold. For example, one ensemble features diverse pieces, including a crochet bag made of the upcycled plastic.

Originating in New York in 2014, PH5, led by Wei Lin and Zoe Champion, reimagines knitwear, blending playful designs with advanced knitting methods. Their name, drawn from the pH scale, places them towards the edgier, yet feminine end.

PH5 isn’t just about winter wear; they advocate for knitwear’s versatility. Collaborating with tech giants, they’re reshaping the intersection of fashion and technology. With a broader vision, PH5 isn’t merely about garments; they’re revolutionizing knitwear for the future.

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