Santa’s Red is Coming to Town!


Red is the ultimate color for the festive period, and this outfit I chose today is the perfect office pre-Christmas attire.


I combined my new fabulous Catherine Malandrino pencil skirt with a fitted crisp white Brooks Brothers shirt for a sharp and bold contrast.


For extra glamour, I accessorized it with golden sandals, amazing Dolce & Gabbana earrings, and a great hand-made belt from Jean & Merce, the brand that makes the coolest and most versatile jewelry in NYC! This belt can be easily become a necklace or a multi-stranded bracelet!

Wearing sandals with fishnet tights is something that I’m recommending you to do so. Your legs will almost look bare which makes your sandals feel more at home!


For this special occasion – another festive day – I picked Jean Michel Cazabat sandals and Wolford tights. Cazabat has many celebrity fans and is a great choice for super girly and feminine looks. Plus shoes are packaged in an amazing manner placed inside this great signature turquoise dust bag and box. Little heart-shaped velvet pillows are put inside the shoes to keep their form.


Temporarily I removed them and used them as Christmas tree ornament! Can’t get cuter than that!


In my next posts I will be showing your how this look is going to be transformed if you swap accessories!


Keep in mind that in this look I tacked my shirt in, for a more formal look, but do not hesitate wearing it over the skirt hiding the waistline! It’s looser and more comfortable! I’m sure that all you need for Christmas is comfort and ease! Stay tuned for more Holiday Looks, and please have fun!!!


Elena Sendona


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