Funny Holidays!


Well, I’m just so excited because I got some new Christmas tree ornaments to compliment my already so much playful decoration. I’ve told you before that I truly adore those tree ornaments bought from Accessorize since most of them are hand-made and super cute.


My new picks are a pair of felt owls which are very much in fashion right now and are my hubby’s favorites. Owls are symbols of wisdom and education and for that matter they send a great message for the New Year. Let’s get more educated and come up with wiser decisions in the near future!


In the same tune I bought the knitted ‘geek bunny’ which is wise enough to use a nice warm scarf for chilly weather, and is cool enough to wear the most fashionable eyewear!


Finally I got this nice couple of knitted Mrs and Mr Santa who symbolize love and affection, the secret to a great relationship! Both have amazing costumes adorned with sequins and Mrs Santa has a super elegant hairstyle too! Those two love each other very much! To all of you wish you to find the perfect love and your soulmate!


Let me tell you that the decoration of the Christmas tree is a chance to create something of great significance by placing on the tree items and ornaments that have a special meaning for you and your beloved ones. Find items that express you and your lifestyle. If you are a playful personality, let your tree be playful. If you are a glam person, let your tree be glam. Tell your own story through the tree and reveal your actual mood! Wish you super Happy and Sparkly Holidays!


Elena Sendona

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