My MBFW SS14 Selfies on Other Media!

There were really many people taking pictures of me during the MB Fashion Week in NYC this September and I’m very grateful to them because they captured my most wonderful moments there. I didn’t manage to find them all but I got a glimpse of their work searching in the Internet and, in some cases, receiving messages from themselves.


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During the Fashion Week we all happen to exchange business cards so that we make contacts and we keep track of each others’ work. I usually have a huge folder with me to place business cards, press releases, and any sort of material given to me at the shows, the parties, even off-catwalks and event spaces, literally on the streets.


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Fashion people in NYC are the ultimate professionals with the perfect attitude and a talent in ‘selling themselves’ or better in promoting their work. I love this mood-for-business there, because it gives you a platform to unfold your best part and show the world your capabilities.


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At the very first day of the shows, knowing that I picked very interesting outfits for me to wear, I had this lovely curiosity of seeing people’s reactions and photographers’ feedback. They were starring at me even while waiting on the line to get my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week credentials. I was feeling their eyes on me!


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Then rushing to the very first shows some bloggers holding cameras in their hands were running after me to get a shot. I was aware that my bold colors combined with sparkle and metallics will make a statement. Throughout the fashion week there were many photographers taking shots of my looks and some of them approached me to ask a few questions about my inspiration and concept.


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A photographer from Reuters, another from Teen Vogue, and even Bill Cunningham took pictures of me! I’m still thrilled about that and I thank you all! Bill Cunningham noticed me before the Ralph Lauren show, the last day. He had just arrived for the show and was securing his bike. I was walking behind him when he did a little magical maneuver turning back towards me and having this shot! It was awesome!


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Then I saw my legs in my silver Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers snapped for and many more selfies on other blogs and magazines. I’m still looking for more, given the fact that I was posing, on an average, more than 30 times per day!


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It was fascinating and it’s encouraging me to prep myself even more for the next fashion month and especially the New York Fashion Week which is my most favorite due to people’s attitude, style, and fun spirit. It’s so youthful! In the meantime, if you happen to come across a Fashion Week picture of mine on the Internet, please send me the link. I’ll be glad to have it! And for the moment, scroll down to see my selfies!

Love you All!

Elena Sendona

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