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New York Fashion Week FW21 – Bibhu Mohapatra Pays Homage to Women of Charm & Influence

Clothes with special meaning are memorable ones. Those that are also graced with couture-level details and other imaginative elements are destined to last in your wardrobe. Red-carpet worthy and sensational with beautiful colors, rich embroidery, and timeless silhouettes, the FW21 creations by Bibhu Mohapatra are ready to follow you to parties, galas, dinner dates, and other occasions. Check the collection’s notes to see how the designer finds strength and optimism through the stories of amazing women:

As we sanguinely enter into the ’20s of this century, with hope and optimism history is made. The high governing power is entrusted with the task of leadership by women who are no longer nameless or invisible. These women are the modern-day muses and role models of our time. Historically, the artist-and-muse relationships varied from companions to studio muses to lovers, but the bond of mutual attraction and emotional dependence made these unspoken relationships work. Whether it is the Harlem renaissance magic between A’Lelia Walker and Langston Hughes or the decades-long companionship of Gustave Klimt and Emily Flöge, the alliance was held strong with the unsolved formula of love. With the Fall 2021 collection, we celebrate those immortal female muses and their influence on the works of many successful artists and writers.

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