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Nencioni FW24: Mama’s Wardrobe is Getting Younger

Nencioni‘s FW 24/25 collection speaks of a dialogue between the world of childhood and that adulthood: how the child derives a sense of security from the parent’s wardrobe, a sort of warrior’s armor, the “war-robe”, while the adult takes strength from the lightness and spontaneity which is typical of childhood.

The collection connects these two worlds through sharp garment silhouettes like jackets with structured shoulders and contrasting more playful styles with shapes that accentuate the bust and waistline.

Precious fabrics such as satin and cady, which constitute a signature element in the Nencioni collections, are accented with the symbol of childhood: the bow, here rendered in lace, ribbons or metallics, creating balance between delicacy and strength, so dear to Nencioni’s stylistic codes.

Among the materials there are also sequins in silver and black, which give iridescence and shine, in contrast to materials with a raw, matt feel such as thickly woven denim that is rich in details and an interplay of stripes created by light and dark threads, as if it had been drawn by the quick and spontaneous hand of a child.

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