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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 – TomBogo on Lost and Found Sustainable Treasures

Over the past year, the pandemic has forced many of us to relocate our lives and reassess our way of living. Stability has become a privilege in such uncertain times, and being prepared for the worst has been accepted as the norm of 2020. Like millions of others, designer Tommy Bogo was displaced amongst the pressures of the pandemic and forced to constantly stay agile in an ongoing search for stability and a new place to call home. Lost & Found, the FW21 Collection by TOMBOGO documents the journey adrift faced by the designer as well as many others traveling back and forth from big cities to small towns amidst a global crisis in pursuit of a sustainable place to grow their roots.

Lost & Found FW21 is a sustainably produced collection that utilizes vintage garments that were found by the designer throughout his bi-coastal travels. Bogo emphasizes that these garments encapsulate the soul of the collection, explaining that they were once lost and are now re-found as the blueprint for some of his designs. Using these ‘lost and found’ items as a roadmap, the designer reinterprets and upcycles the pieces into elevated, dynamic, and utilitarian garments which include his signature multi-functional capabilities such as detachable pockets and removable sleeves. The brand’s most popular silhouettes such as the Convertible Double Knee Pants are also reiterated in the collection using heavy luxury wools and knits to symbolize the security and growth that the designer has manifested emerging from his dismal travels during the pandemic.

“These timeless garments embody my journey of finding stability and sustainability in life, and also epitomize everything I needed in an article of clothing during my travels,” he explains. Reflecting on 2020, a year of unsettling challenges yet evident growth, the Lost & Found FW21 Collection represents a checkpoint in Bogo’s life as he steps into the new year with an enlightened perspective on what is needed in the world of fashion design during such unprecedented times.

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