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New York Fashion Week FW21 – Rosetta Getty Explores the Space Between Reality & Fantasy

Rosetta Getty presented an arts-inspired lookbook and collection for Fall/Winter 2021 at the mostly-digital NYFW. For this season, Rosetta Getty continues a collaboration with artist Bernadette Van-Huy of Bernadette Corporation. Getty shares, “I have so much admiration and respect for Bernadette and her work. We knew this collaboration wasn’t over after we worked together for Pre-Fall. Her spirit and passion for what she creates is so inspiring.”

After an emphasis on the multi-functions of home for Pre-Fall 2021, Getty’s vision was to create a collection that was rooted in both reality and fantasy. How are we dressing now and how will we dress again? The collection reflects a sensible balance between soft casual pieces with sophisticated evening and outerwear. Van-Huy and Getty were both drawn to the 90s these past few months – a period of change and unease as well as a time where both Getty and Van-Huy were discovering their artistic voice. Now, in 2021, we are rediscovering what it means to create.

Van-Huy notes her interpretation of this season was “This progressive feeling of floating in space, without coordinates”. Van Huy, who art directed and photographed the collection imagery incorporated a green screen within the imagery to illustrate her sense of un-attachment. She adds, “The green screen, in turn, gives the feeling of a bad club – it’s really the color of a bad trip — and so, for me, it relates to the 90s. At the same time, it creates a minimal ground, and so I also used it with Chinese and Japanese ink wash paintings in mind. In the 90s I enjoyed disappearing into NYC – where you can stand out and be anonymous at the same time. During the first half of the 90s, I did spend a lot of time exploring clubs, losing my sense of place, against a green screen, so to speak. Thinking of the ink wash paintings, I “locally sourced” items — picking up things at Pearl River Mart, which is just next door to the Rosetta Getty studio.”

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