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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 – Geoffrey Mac Gets Back to the 90s club kid scene

The Geoffrey Mac FW21 collection “Midnight Rider” has New York in its DNA. The collection is a modern and sophisticated reimagining of the 90s club kid scene, of which Mac was a part. Inspired by the memory of the pulsing 90s techno scene, it is a marriage of the past and the present in a menswear collection that aims to bring fun to a side of the industry often neglected.

Edgy, masculine, and future-forward, the collection is artistic expression without limitation. The collection is personal, which comes through in its attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously constructed, with intentional shapes and structures, from the texture of the fabric down to the elegance of the finishings. This thoughtfulness extends to the creation of the collection: it’s all made to order and drop-shipped to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Carefully crafted over the past year, Geoffrey Mac’s inspired collection presented at the NYFW with video and a lookbook brings an exciting future to menswear. It aims to break down the taboos surrounding fetish-style clothing and bring a sense of exploration to the eveningwear scene.

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