Compacts for Holiday 2013!

Holiday makeup always consists of investment pieces and, for me, this is the season to buy the best compacts and the greatest evening colors. It’s the sparkliest, most intense and most exquisite makeup. I love shopping makeup in December! And above all, these adorable tints are enclosed in the most luxurious, delicious compacts and packaging. Some of them are clad in gold, others are crystal-encrusted, and all of them shine! I carefully and strategically picked the most ‘delicious’ ones and would love to share them with you! Happy Holidays!!!


Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Shimmer Brick Palette. Candlelit glow all over the face and a very fancy case!


Givenchy Ondulations D’Or Eye Palette. Quintessentially festive and signature!


Diorific Powder by Dior. Comes in two great shades of gold and a golden compact! Contains pearl extract and a J’Adore perfume hint!


Nuit Infinie De Chanel Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection. It’s a classy and sophisticated blend of different color finishes for almost any kind of special occasion.


Marc Jacobs Lightshow Luminizing Powder & LoveMarc Lip Gel. All you need for Christmas is this recognizable fishnet-motif luminizing powder and a super juicy red lipstick!


Victoria’s Secret Give Me Glam Makeup Kit. You never go wrong with such a kit in your luggage! 30 eyeshadows, 5 lipglosses, 5 lipsticks, 4 blushes and many more ‘sexy little things’…


YSL Limited Edition Blush Radiance & Rouge Pur Couture No. 57. It brilliantly says: ‘I heart YSL!’


Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Blush Palette Holiday 2013. Blending vivid pastels together you’ll highlight your inner eccentricity with an Art Deco feel…


Michelle Phan’s em Cosmetics New Year’s Countdown Life Palette. She’s the cutest blogger and a very practical mind. Her Life Palettes are always based on a true story…


Estee Lauder Holiday 2013 Zodiac Powder, Starry Nights Powder & Solid Perfume Compact Collections. This season Estee Lauder is the ‘Queen of Compacts’! Who wouldn’t love to receive such a glamorous beautifying gift?

Elena Sendona

P.S. What you see at the top of this page to the right is the fabulous Nars Holiday Makeup photoshoot! Hands down… this is marvelous!

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