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Monse Fall 2021: A Youthquake Articulated in New Design Terms Turning Our School Memories Upside Down

Monse Fall 2021 takes a subversive approach to back-to-school dressing with Jordan Alexander’s character Julien Calloway, from HBO Max’s reboot of Gossip Girl, as the primary muse of the collection.

Pieces like the Inside Out Crest Sweater Dress interrupt the discipline of prep school dressing with deconstructed adaptations of a preppy Upper East Side ensemble classic.

MONSE co-founders and Creative Directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia pair up with the iconic costume designer and stylist, Eric Daman, to tell the story of the unencumbered days of our youth with a refined yet rebellious spirit.

It is a new take on the varsity look, one that applies to non-students as well! Daring slits and cut-outs, oversize silhouettes, and asymmetries are things they master.

The designer duo is known for twisting the classics, breaking the mold, questioning existing forms, and recreating bygone eras through a fresh approach. Their sophisticated touch is present even in their most crazy ideas. Bravo!

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