Kaleidoscopic Glamour!

The new issue of the Harrods Magazine places the complexity of modern jewelry design to the forefront! It’s not only a matter of ‘bling bling’ attitude. It’s mostly a desire to catch others by surprise and teach them sophistication. Gems and stones strategically positioned can produce an outrageous effect, an harmony hard to explain, and reproduce. Modern jewelers are diving into the very essence of the materials used, taking full advantage of their qualities. At a lower or higher price, relatively to their budget, one can find the proper dazzle they’re looking for! Check it out and you’ll discover many more possibilities. The kaleidoscopic images being created in the accompanying video, will tell you the truth; our jewels are far more structured and geometrical than ever before! Fashionable as they are lately, kaleidoscope reproductions tend to transfer our minds to the area of dreams and narrative, fantasy and… obsession.

Enjoy the VIDEO!

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