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Bright Enigma!

This is the iconic Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote in a magical setting of surrealist simplicity which sets the tone for its newest version in colorful Epi leather! It could mean ‘who’s got that bag?’ or pose the question of its very existence as a luxury bag! It might mean that behind this sort of purchase there is always a generous man with buying power, significantly greater than that of a woman! Or else, men are always gentle enough to help us with what we are carrying with. Or even that women more than ever get dressed in power suits – like men – taking with them in the office their ‘LV’ as a status symbol, and the only feminine accent to their looks!

And then you can see this amazingly bold Pandora’s box which opens up revealing more and more secrets about upcoming classes and cultures, new money and mass production of luxury goods. I can detect an image which refers to social change, the element of surprise, and the things we are about to learn. New consumers into the market and a new lust for spending! ‘Neverfull’ says it all. Never full, always in quest for something more. As the horizons open, so do the markets. We revamp things, we rename values, and we go on. I’m not sure if everybody comes up with similar conclusions from this ad, but this is at least what I get. It’s optimistic but also ironic. As the so called ‘classics’ get reproduced in millions, a little bit of the allure fades away… What is luxury after all?

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