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Innate Sense of Style!


I love these beautiful shots from the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Summer 2013, a collection with nice leathers, cottons, and crochets in predominant position! It’s all about effortless chic, great materials, loose forms and smart, easy-to-use accessories. We see the interplay of nudes and neutrals with bold accents of color such as bright green and blue. Natural makeup and hair make it even more charming, a style for every confident woman who enjoys the quiet moments during vacations!

I’m tempted by the wonderful feel of the Soft Ricky bag which makes the perfect travel companion, and also attracted very much to the idea of the crocheted swimwear! So sexy and elegant! This is what a relaxed summer getaway look is supposed to be. It requires no preparation and takes a few minutes to complete. Get the right clothes, put an emphasis on skin hydration, protection from the sun, and perfectly groomed eyebrows, and then use the best hair care spray for wavy beach look all day long! Isn’t it charming?

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