This Winter’s Prerequisites!

Talking about trends and must-haves, I sometimes find myself in the very awkward position of describing or prescribing things that many women cannot or are not willing to get. There is much discussion about individuality and also hard times many people are going through due to the climate of austerity they might face. But for me fashion is fun and the only thing I can recommend to you is to play with it, be experimental, be rebellious, and recycle it, like the Duchess of Cambridge does. What I’m saying here is just food for thought and a base upon which I personally will build up my current season wardrobe. Fall/Winter 2013-14 catwalks gave me lots of ideas about how to dress up or dress down, how to surprise my friends and sort of reinvent myself. So let’s have a look at my favorites, and from that point on just get inspired or stimulated by my list!


All-White. All variations of this non-color can be part of your winter closet reminding of your best moments in the snow. Designers just play with the textures and forms to produce impeccable looks full of style and elegance which can range from sporty to evening, but usually are wearable all-day long!

Tibi, Nicole Fahri

Tartan or Plaid. As a part of the punk revival you will see many of these patterns, which are always attractive and bring some kind of school years innocence up, as well as red color into prominence. I will certainly adopt it in the form of a knee-length A-line skirt and a fitted jacket.

Celine, Moschino

New-Age Punk. It’s much softer and curated but still makes a statement. Designers presented false-piercing jewelry for the nose and ears, spiked chokers, studded leather pieces, distressed hems, and even suggested punkish hairstyles. It was all epitomized at the Met Exhibition ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’ and the outfits celebrities pulled together for the Gala!

Versace, Fendi

Feminine and Military. It’s an exquisite combination of the opposites but can be easily achieved when you just mix military colors and details with feminine lines such as in peplum tops and bodycon dresses. I’m quite crazy for the sharp ‘cocktail’ of these color shades and black.

Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham

Biker Jacket and Boots. Everyone has a biker jacket right now, and even myself got one recently from the upcoming leather brand Muubaa! I was much drawn to the idea of feeling the confidence of a woman riding a bike, without even having one. Boots are another favorite worn right now mostly with floral girly dresses, for a sharper contrast. This is definitely a grungy attitude!

Givenchy, Saint Laurent

Shades of Blue. I already discussed the domination of blue as the new ‘black’ of the season in my article first published on as a tribute to the style embodied by women working in the maritime industry. In fact, this color will soon win most women over, because it’s classic and versatile. I vote for an amazing avant-garde suit with interesting structure, and will also praise the existence of a simple fitted dress in electric blue as a centerpiece in your closet.

Chanel, Carl Kapp

Versatile Metallics. Shine, shimmer, sparkle and dazzle, whatever that is, let’s wear it even in daylight! Metallics are here since summer and will not give up so early. I would love to have a wonderful embellished dress, and no doubt, would dare to wear metallic pajamas! I’m afraid to put it that way, but… it’s a must-have!

Julien McDonald, Marc Jacobs

Full Skirts. I noticed this charming ‘trend’ during the NY Fashion Week in September. There were many girls around me wearing these amazing skirts in a very modern and fresh way. I got jealous of them and decided to get one for myself! They can be made of leather which is super cool, or some sort of precious ‘evening’ fabric! So flattering and chic! It’s retouched 50’s!

Prada, Dior

New Roomy Coats. They are warm and comfortable, easy-to-combine, and very different. My picks are in pastels and nudes for effortless elegance. I can call them investment pieces when made of great wool. They seem like portable ‘caves’ where you find shelter in, especially when it’s freezing cold outside or you just want to avoid staring eyes!

Carven, DKNY

Exceptional Heels. It’s true that there are shoes that make the look! You may not have money for extremely whimsical couture clothes but you can add this magic touch of luxury wearing one-of-a-kind heels. It’s always miraculous to see how these totally insane creations coming from the most outrageous inspirations can totally transform you as a person. With a little bit of fantasy on your feet, you can change your mood completely! White shoes are among my favorites for winter, but I also like fur-trimmed, and those ones with chunky comfy heels.

Prada, Fendi

Dark Florals. It’s as if spring florals changed background in order to accommodate themselves in the winter! They got darker and spookier, more dramatic, and less naïve! There is again a rebellious element related. Some of the florals are even punkish! Mixed with black and deep purple, this bouquet of motifs gets much more sophisticated and serious…

Blumarine, MSGM

Head-to-Toe Fur. If you want to rock it, you cannot be shy. I know that many of you are not so friendly with the idea of wearing or buying new fur, but in this case you can always resort to vintage pieces. Can’t deny that they are super warm and according to the designers can cover you completely. They can be head-pieces, coats, skirts, bags, even your stunning booties. What Karl Lagerfeld made this season for Fendi is truly out of this world!

Fendi, Calvin Klein

Easy Handbags. I’m always looking for bags easy-to-hold, easy-to-handle, and easy-to-carry! They have to be the perfect size, and made of the right material. It’s very hard to find the ideal bag, and usually takes me lots of time before deciding on a certain one. Handbags are cool because they enable you to occupy your hands with something while walking or standing at an event. They can also be a conversation starter, and for that reason they need to be eye-catching! You don’t need to have many. Just keep your special ones!

Paco Rabanne, Marc Jacobs

Now that I shared with you my thoughts on Fall/Winter 2013-14 trends, I feel much more relieved! This list of my ‘must-haves’, ‘it’ or dream-items will be a point of reference for all those who want to further understand my personal style and at the same time try to develop their own. My favorite fashion shoot for the season is placed at the top of this page to the right and it’s from the Miu Miu ad campaign. I can call it dark and atmospheric but with a hint of polka-dot innocence!


Elena Sendona

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