This season’s beauty case!

I’m very glad for doing this, because analyzing and stressing important makeup trends is the key to amazing Fall/Winter 2013-14 looks for you! We already talked about this season’s fashion trends but it’s time to compliment them with the perfect makeup. If you’re planning on some important beauty shopping, then maybe you should have a look at my list to get inspired. As always, please adjust the trends to your personality and lifestyle!

Dolce & Gabbana

Asian Influence. China and the rest of the Asian cultures are quite huge right now, having a major impact on fashion and beauty, bringing up their own colors and patterns as well as their long hidden recipes and rituals. The whole world is discovering the Asian version of beauty and together with that comes another philosophy mostly related to zen and relaxation. Famous Japanese brands are working with more confidence on their makeup while previously they were mainly successful in anti-aging products, and generally skin care lines.


Red Lipstick. This trend is the natural outcome of the vibrant Asian impact. Red color is very important in the Chinese culture symbolizing ‘good luck’ and being incorporated into their New Year and other holiday celebration imagery. For us, red is also hot and seductive, ideal for the woman who feels ready to grab attention… This season you’ll see it in many versions, especially the darker ones!

Tom Ford, Nars

Silver Match. I noticed that quite many looks suggested by makeup artists for the official ad campaigns of makeup collections include that matchy-matchy game of eye-shadows and nails in various shades of silver. It perhaps derives from a film-noir mood but at the same time means to be festive and cool, especially for the holiday season.

Dior, Estee Lauder

Sparkly Catwalk Lashes. Noone denies that the ‘blockbuster’ beauty trend of this season’s catwalks was the glitter-clad lashes created by genius makeup artist Peter Philips, with Karl’s permission of course, for the Chanel RTW Fall 2013 show! Since then, I saw quite many celebrity fashionistas sporting them, among others Hanneli Mustaparta at the Annual Whitney Museum art party! So daring, and such a lot of fun!


Value-for-Money. Having 4 great quality eye-shadow colors in one palette at a very affordable price, and picked carefully to offer endless smart looks and combinations, means a lot to women who live at a limited budget but still want to be stunning. In the years of crisis and austerity women need to feel gorgeous and be more confident than ever. Don’t forget that Maybelline New York products are always used by the most famous makeup artists backstage at the Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, London, Milan for the most coveted catwalk shows on earth! The result is more than professional!

Maybelline New York EyeStudio

Must-Have Eye Palettes. If you made me choose the most adorable palettes of the season, I would definitely tell you Dior, not only because of the star-shaped motif engraved on the surface of the shadows but also because I truly love the sophisticated color combos and the quality of the ‘powder’ itself. It smooths out and blends on eyes easily while it stays there for long without the need to retouch…


Icons and their Makeup. Celebrities more than ever gear up to name and create their own makeup collections with colors, textures and packaging representative of their own unique style. Personally, I’m going to praise Rihanna and Natalia for that. Thank you girls!

MAC RiRi Hearts Collection, Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain

Special Edition Nail Lacquers. When it comes to nails, there is always the option to make it at home but you always want to make it special, I suppose! If you are in this frame of mind, then don’t miss the new Dior ‘secret’ – these colors that instantly create shapes on your nails with the help of a magical magnetic cap! It’s an unexpectedly professional and impressive result in seconds! And if you are more than crazy about collectibles then look for the Marc Jacobs nail lacquers in amazing bottles sold only at Sephora as a collaboration with the store.

Dior Mystic Metallics, Marc Jacobs

Dark Woman. I already recognize this type of woman from the various images of the Fall 2013 campaigns by famous designers and photographers. This woman is dark but diverse. She might be part of the biker/motorcycle culture, might be punkish or neo-punk girl, might also feel nostalgic of the 30’s or fantasize about the evolution of this world and its futuristic descendants! One thing is for sure; she’s in love with darker colors. It’s not by chance that we saw the most adorable smoky eyes this season, and that Lancôme launched 3 different shades of ‘black’ in nail lacquers! Choose among the greyish, the brownish and the reddish black!!!

Giorgio Armani, Lancôme

Super-Functional. Women are so busy that they really look for something that works without any effort. They need functional things which make their life easier. It could be a very practical brush and a specially designed bottle for better grip, or whatever they find useful and easy-to-handle when time is limited…


Big Playful Logos. In a more pop-art kind of approach, and with a playful, humorous but still stylish manner, famous brands celebrate their logos putting them in XL sizes and/or fancy colors on their packaging and wherever more visible! I just love it because it’s very young, fresh, and artistic!!!

YSL, Chanel

At the top of this page to the right you’ll see the whole FW 2013 Tom Ford Makeup Collection which is one of my favorites. As you realize… can’t get darker and more sensual than that!


Elena Sendona

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