The Sweet Escape!

My new Holiday Passion is fake-cupcake-and-other-desserts decoration at home. It seems that I am starting to formulate a concept for my in-house Christmas extravaganza and this time it’s a natural extension to my last year’s décor which included many sweet things on my Christmas tree such as fake lollipops, ice creams and other sweets that seemed to be coming directly from the pastry shop. I think that I am very much inspired by my favorite Magnolia Bakery moments and I am seeking to reproduce it at my place excluding the extra calories the actual experience entails. My cupcakes are in fact pots and if you want to well-intendedly deceive yourself you can fill it with light yoghurt and pomegranate seeds or berries and have a delicious dessert at no cost. What I am planning to do is take all those pots, put them on plates and place them together with a vintage porcelain tea set on a silver tray next to my tree or as a centerpiece on my dining-room table! Along with your pastry-inspired tree ornaments you can also add some others like those ones from the Accessorize Collection. I already have many of them and I keep up adding… Isn’t it cute altogether?

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