Shopping Therapy

Past and Present Into the Mix!

I matched my newly-acquired Tommy Hilfiger 100% cotton V-neck sweater with my vintage pink-quartz-gold-and-brown-threads necklace I one bought during vacations at the Greek island of Mykonos (almost 7 years ago) and it looked fantastic as a combination. My casual college sweater transformed into something else with the help of this unique customized piece of jewelry made of semi-precious stones and real gold woven into an intricate multiple knot at the center and some others all around as well as in the asymmetrical chandelier-like construction which hangs down till my navel. You can’t find something similar anywhere else, but if you do, please let me know. It’s all hand-made by a Greek jeweler called Karkalis who unfortunately doesn’t have this store anymore in Mykonos but keeps his flagship boutique in Athens at the northern suburbs. Let me also tell you that I bought a similar Tommy Hilfiger sweater in navy blue and I match it with a cherry red ruffled scarf by designer Eileen Fisher, gift that was included in my NYC MB Fashion Week Goodie Bag on September 2010. That’s how we mingle the old with the new – amazing memories that last till today and even more!

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