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Ralph Lauren FW15: Textural Opulence and Comfort!

Doing a short retrospective of my latest memorable attendance at the Ralph Lauren FW15 show during the NY Fashion Week, as a fashion writer covering the iconic designer’s fabulous collections, I got down to the principles of this brand: the all-American spirit, fashion inextricably connected to a coveted lifestyle, luxury and relevance to an ever-changing world. “The God,” as Kanye West once called him, is a man of the moment and a man that is loved by a rapidly increasing population of elegant people across the world.


Embracing high-tech elements as additions to the brand’s DNA lately, he won extra points in the ongoing battle of ‘who is the coolest’ in this insatiable planet of fashion. Ralph Lauren consistently proves that he offers each woman style and elegance that feels good all day long. His FW15 creations are the best validation of his expertise and inexhaustible talent in this area.


Ralph is definitely one of the pillars of American fashion, realizing for many years a global dream and encouraging other American designers to open up to the rest of the world and become internationally acclaimed. His magnitude and importance is always easily reflected on his gracious front-row guests, especially those flanking his extended ultra-chic family.


This time, Kanye West and an adorable group of hand-picked seriously talented bloggers once again fulfilled the designer’s wish to include – along with his established clientele and prestigious media – the freshest and most creative segment of global society; people that always stand as inspiration to him. Every collection is a mix of heritage and old techniques, innovation and everything that’s going on right now. I must say, this is so cool!


For next season, this ever-evolving lifestyle brand showed us clothes that ooze comfort, coziness and strong sense of style. The designer decoded the American dream through a serene palette of earthly natural tones as well as the quintessentially sleek and formal choice of black. Neutrals played a tranquilizing role in a richly textural heavy-winter wardrobe, ideal for the temperatures we are experiencing lately in NYC during those five or so, freezing-cold months! Layering made it even more versatile and wearable in different climate zones.


Those luxe layers were often loosely belted to lightly accentuate the waist and glorify the female silhouette. Cashmere and shearling in a variety of effects imitating the feel of a real fur were the epitome of smartness and sophistication. Some pieces were oversized, yet it all looked polished and nicely put together.


Ralph incorporated tuxedos and suits into formalwear; an indispensable part of his collections. It’s all about a strong, confident woman! Black velvet column gowns were another ever-flattering choice for every woman dressing up for a special occasion.


Going back to the textural game of the collection, one could stress the monochromatic allure of embroidered crochet, beadwork, leather, shearling processed in endless different ways (the designer has a long-standing commitment of not using real fur), fringing, cable knits, flannels, brocades and worsted wools.


Gorgeous models in fitted turtlenecks and maxi skirts or straight-cut pants popularized a slim and elongated silhouette, while fluffy outerwear, ponchos and voluminous artisanal shawls creating a cocoon look, meant that a woman can have both ends of the spectrum – the loose and the tailored – in one outfit!


For a more in-depth reference to colors, taupe, tan, cream, chocolate and other earth-bound shades created total looks with almost matching accessories such as trappers and wide-brimmed hats, suede handbags, boots and high-heel peep-toe sandals worn over heavy wool socks, costume jewelry and even makeup. All items exuded a rustic feel with Western influences. Colors were of the same family, color-blocking seemed subtle and the whole collection featured no sharp contrasts at all. Everything was smooth; visually and tactilely appealing to the core. Those are clothes to last for more than one generation! I’m sure you will agree…


Elena Sendona




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