Pre-NYFW FW16 Presentations!

I thought that I was the only one who kicked off NYFW quite early with my Feel Good Fur presentation on Monday! Yet, an array of designers did their presentations during the two days preceeding the official opening of the fashion week on February 11th.


Tuesday morning I had a private viewing of Mi Jong Lee by Emmele, a collection inspired by Zaha Hadid’s architecture in terms of motifs.    Statement coats and jackets, sleek shift dresses, roomy silhouettes of all kinds and interesting layering of sheer and dazzling fabrics, created the idea of a woman who is able to be sensual even in her busiest moments. The textural interplay and the juxtaposition of neutral tones with bright magenta and green in one rack of clothes was visually mesmerizing.
Later, at the EPSON Digital Couture event, bold colors and attention-grabbing motifs were the main course, alluding of course to the possibilities and options technology can give to fashion. I was backstage at the event so I had the chance to see all these colorful items from up close, along with beauty and makeup trends compkementing the looks. It seems that the cat-eye flick is eyeliner’s eternal mission. A playful gaze matches well with funky prints!

Then on Wednesday, I attended the presentation of the Vivi Academy, where creativity took the form of cool draped outfits.


Claudia Li with extraordinary denim pieces, origami knots, kimono shapes, tech fabrics, and yarns was a true revelation, a great suprise to those who are looking promising talents in the US market! The designer even introduced luxe ensembles made of vegan leather in a sophisticated color palette of blues, reds and whites!


Saunder showed some wearable stunners inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the half-bull half-man creature called Minotaur! There was even a print of Theseus translated into a flowy dress. Bold yellow and metallics, along with darker shades and fur fluffiness had a predominant role!

Finally, at Christina Ruales, you could see the ballet class concept in a hipper version, with packpack jackets, and other functional innovation stressing the importance of convenience! It was sporty with leggings, puffers, and oversized tops!

So stay tuned for more!


Elena Sendona




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