Feel Good Fur Just Landed!

It took me and my creative partner Katerina Tatsi from the new styling services platform quite a lot of time to process our Feel Good Fur vision, work on the details and come up with a cohesive set of styles that are totally representative of our aesthetics.


Our first photoshoot for our first capsule Feel Good Fur collection was the most insightful experience. We managed to coordinate the actions of 9 creative people, putting a clear message across on what it is to be done in the course of a rather busy day. Hair was half-wet and swept to the side in a messy way. Makeup was natural and healthy-looking. Accessories were sports-related. Models were of totally different backgrounds. Diversity is a priority to us.


Katerina, a stylist at heart, and me mostly tapping into the design aspect but never doing anything without her help, are newbies in the field but oldies in our relationship to fashion.


Mixing fur opulence with sportive elements is the core of our brand, along with functionality, wearability, sustainability, and an ethical approach to fashion. We updated a classic wardrobe staple, the fur coat, deconstructed it and transformed it into all-day outerwear, warm separates and cool accessories.


Drawing inspiration from an array of sports, including tennis, ski and biking, we came up with colors, elements and materials mostly employed in the making of athletic attire, blended with all kinds of ethically sourced fur. Tech fabrics and details, neon pops of color, elastic bands, reflective tapes, vinyl and plastic zippers add a hip vibe to the whole look, juxtaposing their modern edge with the timeless nature of shearling, curly lamb, goatskin, mink, fox, and fin raccoon. We wanted it to feel young and coveted, to break the rules of manufacturing a typical luxe overcoat, and to make it a garment with many unexpected facets.

We challenged themselves through the creative process and aspire to bring all this energy and unconventional spirit in front of your eyes. Putting a slight Mohawk detail into our perfectly luscious hood or designing a fur tennis headband is a twist that matches our non-conformist aesthetics. We blur gender, cultural and social lines, and we revisit established notions about beauty to create a playful aspect that means real fun. It’s a Feel Good Fur, comfortable, easy-to-wear, warm, all-inclusive, responsible and active in attitude.

Thanks so much for your fashionable wishes!

Elena Sendona

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  1. Fur has always been my favorite attire during winters. I have one blue fur coat which I like to wear whenever I am going out with my friends. I like these fur purses and would love to have one pair of it.

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