My Innocent Looks!

I think this late November-early December week, I was in some sort of retro and back-to-school mood, adopting details that could be called an eclectic mix & match of childhood innocence and grown up fashionistas’ sophistication. You might call them naïve but I can see my stylistic maturity behind this approach. Let’s analyze the three most charming looks of this twist.

This one combines monochrome elements in all-time classic black and mysteriously challenging purple as well as the warm, fluffy texture of the mink fur with the silky, shiny one of my skinny Seven7 Jeans satin pants. Inside I’m also wearing a purple Merino wool Brooks Brothers cardigan. There is a sharp contrast made by my white Philippe Matignon ankle socks worn with black Jimmy Choo patent ballerinas. I matched them with my favorite Dior cross-over clutch and I enriched it with a subtly obvious charcoal Antoine Antoniadis scarf! I also adorned my sleek hairstyle with a Swarovski Collection band. It’s comfortable and fancy. Don’t you think?

Then there was the snowflake look with lots of creamy white, flake motifs on my Fetch wool dress and almost same on my Philippe Matignon opaque tights. I matched the grey motifs with grey Karen Millen heels and I gave the whole look an extra eye-catching sparkle since they were crystal-studded. It’s my favorite pair of shoes. My outfit was completely innocent and girly though, with a pink Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt inside the dress, creating a very intricate layered neckline. I mixed short and long sleeves the way I did it while in High School! I also skipped makeup on purpose making myself look even younger!

And the last one comes definitely from my school age. Look at my tartan Tommy Hilfiger shirt combined with a very ‘Charleston’ Juicy Couture cotton dress, lace Philippe Matignon tights and nude Spring/Summer 2011 Casadei pumps. I had lots of black on my outfit – so I played a lot with two different motifs: tartan and floral in order to break the monotony. There were indeed many flowers on my tights and hair band. For that matter, I decided to make a contrast with my light-colored shoes, so sexy and high-heeled that contradict completely my initial urge for innocence. By the end of the process I also decided to change my floral Accessorize band to a much adored leather head-piece with a mink fur flower on one side, hand-made in New York by designer Lucia Tristao.

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