Summer Scent and Golden Sparkle!

My new YSL Golden Gloss is so shiny that makes others wonder how, but I can share with you this little secret that has some real 24 carat gold flecks in it (0.2%), and it’s fully sparkly. The other charming feature about this Holiday 2011 gloss is that it smells and almost tastes like ‘Mango’ (I thought initially that it was Water Melon, and I still believe it) which is so amazing when you are mid-winter and your fruit choices are limited to apples, pears and oranges. Yeah! There is something summery this super cold season and it makes me so happy… Just go for the extra cool White Gold Diamant shade (No44) which is my favorite. It’s highly recommended as it is, or on top of a darker YSL lipstick for a frozen glam effect!

Trying to check my new sparkly lip gloss and take a snap of it with my Juicy Couture-styled iPhone camera!

This lip gloss reminds me of my huge glittery flower which adorns my desk in the office! It always makes my day!

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