Mimi Tran: Defining Couture à Porter!

mimi_tran1High fashion designer Mimi Tran is thrilled to announce plans for her Fall/Winter 2015 namesake collection. Off the back of a highly successful September 2014 showing at New York Fashion Week, Mimi will debut her collection in February 2015 as Art Hearts Fashion’s featured designer at its closing-week show. This season right after NYFW, she will head straight to London Fashion Week, with Kuwait Fashion week to follow!

Known for her contemporary style that enhances a woman’s natural beauty and celebrates her femininity, Mimi Tran’s collections of embellished cocktail dresses and evening gowns incorporate only the most luxuriant materials and rely on superior construction for a look that is elegant and sophisticated – with a hint of the sensual. Mimi points to a hybrid of European luxury, Hollywood glamour and high-fashion couture influence when asked to describe her aesthetic. For her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, she channeled 1920s Paris: a black palette of intricate beading, lace and lattice work with gold accents accentuates the natural beauty of the feminine form. We love Mimi’s sense of drama and elegance and I’m so happy that I had the chance to chat with her about high fashion!

Elena: As one notices from your website, your collection is a mix of couture and prêt à porter; namely Couture à Porter. How would you describe this term?

Mimi: I like to sit in the middle because ready-to-wear clothing is a bit boring to me and couture is unwearable.  Couture is a piece of art but I’m aiming getting the best of both worlds.  I like the simplicity and understand the commercial aspect of fashion but want it also to stand out and be unique.

Elena: As a designer of opulent and modern eveningwear you’re quite familiar with what a very demanding client is asking for. Which are their main priorities?

Mimi: The beauty, the ease and the luxury…

Elena: You are not a first-timer at the NYFW and it seems that you love the audience here. In which ways is New York a special city for you?

mimi_tran2Mimi: It’s the center of the fashion world.  To me fashion began there, is happening there, and this is why I love it there!

Elena: Could you describe a typical fitting session for a red carpet/special occasion dress you are creating? Where do you focus on, during this process?

Mimi: The fabric needs to enhance the woman’s body and every single detail is important.

Elena: Eveningwear is so hard to stand out and be avant-garde in a positive way. Which are your go-to resources for innovation?

Mimi: I like looking at the history of fashion, going also through this century, seeing which styles are popular and why, and then putting my own twist to them.

Elena: You’re also going to present your collection at the London and Kuwait Fashion Week, so it seems that this is a very busy fashion month! How do you professionally cope with such pressure and hectic schedules?

Mimi: Pull my hair out!!!  Hahaha… Keep focused and keep going.

Elena: Kuwait Fashion Week sounds like an exotic experience for international press and buyers. Can you give as a hint and the aura of it?

Mimi: It’s going to be my first time so I will let you know!

Elena: For FW15 you are inspired by Paris in the 20’s? Is it Coco Chanel and Art Deco in your mind? Which other elements attracted you in this era?

mimi_tran3Mimi: Coco Chanel was born the same month as me.  We are/were both determined women.   I love the hairstyles and details of the garments of that time.  I think this opened up the world to fashion in a creative way.  Coco made it through despite the obstacles!

Elena: I assume that you are interested in the American and British markets. Would you share with us your plans for retail there?

Mimi: My plan is to be able to present our collection in order to get press and build our way to the buyers and luxury boutiques.  That’s our plan and we are excited to make it happen. We later want to conquer Europe with our designs!

Elena: Hollywood is ever-present in your work. What is your own definition of glamour?

Mimi: Sophisticated and sexy but not trashy… Not boring; just the right mix of these two…

Elena: What is ‘great style’ and ‘elegance’ for you? How do you define them?

Mimi: Great style for me is to look different, to stand out and make a woman feel beautiful and comfortable with what she is wearing!

Hope you really got inspired by this ultra-glam interview and Mini Tran’s attention-grabbing looks!

Happy Fashion Week Fashionistas!!!

Elena Sendona


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