Longchamp is Rediscovered by the Millennials!

Each generation has a Longchamp #LePliage in their closets! Adjusting to current aesthetics and taking heritage to the next level, the leading leather products brand launches an array of cool items including the hugely coveted #LongchampFreeminder sneakers, the cube-shaped #LongchampXnendo handbag, and the #LongchampLGP accessories.

Hipsters in NYC, Tokyo, and Paris are adopting the novelty logo Capsule collection. Much talked about since it was teased at Longchamp’s New York fashion show in February, Longchamp LGP is about to hit the streets for real – and it’s sure to prove a perfect fit for today’s urban lifestyles with a collection that spans bags, accessories and ready-to-wear, with lots of unisex options too. Take to the streets in Longchamp LGP!

Nine letters which – anywhere and in any language – spell style, energy and modernity! Kendall Jenner is the Face of the new campaign that lands huge advertising surfaces in various cities across the world. 1948 was the year Jean Cassegrain imparted his unique vision of French elegance and rewrote the rules of modern luxury under the Longchamp brand. 71 years on and we still marvel at their modern creations!

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