London During the Olympics!

I visited London recently for the Olympics and not only, realizing once again what a wonderful, well-organized city it is! Even more impressive was the fact that it was a very quiet city despite the fact that most people were expecting the opposite. No traffic jam, no packed places, no worries. We could easily make reservations at the nicest restaurants, visit famous exhibitions, stroll in the parks and drink fabulous beer in many different pubs. It was an amazing experience with lots of fun and surprises. I went for shopping, to the theater, and even to awesome night clubs and bars. London right this moment is super beautiful, right after the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and in the midst of the much discussed Olympic Games. The British flag was almost everywhere, taking up different forms, from artistic to fashionable and glamorous – as decoration, symbol and ‘it’ item! The British spirit prevailed and the Queen’s image seems to be rather reinforced. You can also see her everywhere – as miniature in souvenir shops, print in t-shirts and also as the theme of an great exhibition at the Portrait Museum. Here a few snaps from my wonderful trip to London!

My Favorite Hummingbird Cupcakes!

These flowers really smell magically! Especially the roses!

Look at the floor at Stella McCartney’s! Isn’t it awesome?

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