Ioulia Kalogridi: A New Face to Watch!

Nikos Kalogeropoulos’ new Greek movie “Ippeis tis Pylou” brought to the surface a new but much cultivated talent, a young actress in the leading female role who will be in the spotlight for a long time to come. Ioulia Kalogridi has her way to convince us that she cares for art and lives for art. She has studied a lot, participated in very interesting theatrical projects (such as “Philosophy on Stage” that used philosophical issues as inspiration for theatrical plays), tried her hand on TV and made every effort to expose herself to the most demanding side of acting. She is selective, discreet, elegant, hard-working and artistic. She goes for the trip, not merely the destination. Her presence at the movie’s premiere in Athens was one more proof of her own attitude and exquisite style. For this special occasion she chose a gorgeous, smartly draped dress from the Rue du Mail collection (a Parisian brand that was established in 2006 and embodies organic romanticism). Her choice represents the carefree elegance and modern sense of style we recognize in both the brand’s DNA and the actress’ personality. It’s very close to her role as environmental activist in the movie. She matched it with wonderful Prada boots in warm brown shade and a natural-looking curly hairstyle. We loved the whole combination of the neutrals and earthy shades in her look! It was ultra chic and fresh at the same time. We hope she will keep up the good job as an actress and he stylish looks as a young and beautiful woman!

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