Delfina Delves into Life!

Delfina Delettrez, a fourth-generation Fendi is an awesome young designer who spreads all over the world the desire for innovative jewelry. Her boutique in Rome is a small museum of art in the 00’s, a mix of inspirations from classical novels, avant-garde movies, anatomy and natural life. Her tiny figurines in sexual postures make for provocative and extraordinary pieces of jewelry such as cufflinks and pendants that are real masterpieces. Her dangerous serpents and insects reveal a world that is magical and interesting. Her collar necklaces are the favorites of many fashion editors. She’s been in Vogue, Marie Claire and the rest of A-list fashion magazines and she’s only 20-years old. We love her because she skipped the whole marketing game she would be obliged to play due to her Fendi heritage and she’s free to create. Although her skull-motif-mania can be traced in other designers as well such as Galliano, Alexander McQueen etc., there is something unique in her approach. She tries to turn the human skull into something charming and miraculous. She combines it with many other motifs to make it even more special. We adore the smooth or curvy lines in most of her designs. Those jewels are not threatening and extreme. They are imaginative and realistic at the same time. Most celebrities in Hollywood and elsewhere are crazy about her work!

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