How to Prep for the NYFW SS19

I’ve been attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW) since September 2009, and after hundreds of shows I regard myself quite experienced in terms of preparation. Venues have changed – from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, Skylight Studios, Chelsea Piers, and Spring Studios – yet more or less the logistics remain the same. I always take my streetstyle seriously, so I do my research in advance, collecting coveted items to wear and styling them they way editors seasonally do.

Wearing my brand @feelgoodfur – the Monster and Hashtag coats – photos published on @fashionista_com, @manrepeller, and @fashioncanada (also featured on Buro247). 


Send Personalized Invite Requests

I know that it sounds time-consuming and exhausting, yet you need to ask from each designer separately or address the relevant PR office with the names of the designer shows you are interested in attending. Some of the designer invites are recurring from season to season, so you might not need to ask again from all of those you previously contacted. Include in your request current samples of work, any new titles/jobs/projects you got, and links to published streetstyle. Finally, address the account managers or in-house PR employees with their names in a polite way. Good manners can take you a long way into the NYFW.


In another @feelgoodfur coat – photo by acclaimed streetstyle photographer @mister_newton 


Set Up your NYFW Itinerary

Once you decided on what to wear and which shows to attend, enrich your calendar with more people to meet in-between your official fashion week obligations. Think of helpful contacts and make room for drinks or coffee time. Also, for your personal education, try to do some fashion and art exhibits around the city. New York is known for its rich cultural life, and many things are going on both at the time of the fashion week and before. Do not over-schedule. Be realistic of what you can afford in the course of a busy day.


Take Care of Yourself

Fashion week and generally the fashion month that covers the rest of the fashion capitals is a very demanding period of time. You need to take some rest before, do some beauty treatments, and generally enjoy the summer. A little tan from the beach will make your outfits look even better. Enjoy the calm before the storm!

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