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For FW18 Be as Upbeat as Sally LaPointe

This was one of the FW18 shows that stuck in my memory for good. Following the trend for more entertaining and spectacle-focused fashion shows, Sally LaPointe presented in February her collection of predominantly monochrome luxe looks in a nightclubish setting as the Skylight Modern basement venue.

A DJ at a center-stage dark booth played upbeat tunes and vertical light fixtures flickered in different colors before the first model showed up. The intro was very tempting and a way to remind us that we are supposed to have fun with fashion.

The runway looks were wearable with futuristic hints. The excitement over moon landings back in the 60s served as a core inspiration. Sophisticated glamour was a main attribute. There were no color combos, yet interesting textural clashes. Shiny with fluffy, hard with soft, sparkly with matt are the mixes you totally want to touch!

Baggy pants, slouchy knits, metallic puffers, tops with neckline overlays, bell-sleeved knits, and sequined separates were part of the designer’s polished layering. She wants to prove that in an urban setting you can be comfortably dressed-up all day long. Just in case!

Statement outerwear was definitely part of the style game!

Sparkliness versus fluffiness in earthy tones exudes immense sophistication!

The intro was a chic nightclubber’s dream!

When what you wear is so hot red, all eyes are on you!

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