Holiday Hair Looks!

Today I’m planning to share with you my idea of the perfect Holiday hair! You’ve got to be festive girls and now it’s your chance to try many different things before reaching this brilliant goal. My favorite theme for a great evening look is braided hair. They are so versatile that we can count endless different styles and even categorize them. Not all braids look the same, and there are various techniques around it. I’m not quite an expert in this and for that matter I allowed my hairstylist to be as much experimental as she likes. But beyond my personal approach there are many interesting trends presented on the red carpet and the catwalks around the globe. Most of them have a vintage character and are inspired by Old Hollywood glamour! There is more volume and more shine in these mesmerizing looks! ‘Glam it up, make it modern but also keep it chic’, I would suggest. Scroll down to see my faves as well as my comments on them. And please have fun! Holiday season is here!!!


The perfect updo. This is the next type of style I would recommend for a Holiday party. It helps your face and makeup stand out and also makes your earrings, necklace and neckline be more noticeable. This season hair stylists came up with new, more undone versions just to give it a modern, avant-garde twist. Having said that, let’s not exclude the super sleek and perfect buns. Looking flawless is always in fashion!


Dolce & Gabbana, Temperley London

Seductive waves. If your intentions are more on the romance and you just want to spend holidays with your hubby then all you need is a smoky eye-look and seductive, wild waves. Your wavy look requires certain talent and definitely a great curling iron. To achieve this wild, disarming look don’t forget to comb and mess up the waves in the end. If you are not talented enough then visit your hair salon. They know better, for sure!


Roberto Cavalli, L’Oreal Professional

Frizzy Chic. If you are naturally curly, you can almost do this style at home. Hair are swept and slicked to the side and the rest of them are further volumized using the blow dryer and hairstyling products. Use the mousse-like products and some pins to keep the hair to the side. This is the greatest of solutions for a cozier event probably a dinner party with some of your fashionable friends!


Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta

If going to the hair salon is not an option for you then buy yourself a new flat iron, some great combs and brushes, fancy hair pins and professional hairstyling products. You certainly need hair oil for softer texture, hair mousse for more volume, hairspray for invisible hold, hair serum for impressive shine and hair wax for a sculptural result! Personally I love Redken, Kerastase, and L’Oreal Professional products. What about you?

Sparkly Holidays!!!

Elena Sendona

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