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Let’s Make it Our Own!


Chichialondon, Vaska

Accidentally but luckily today I came across with this amazing online store which carefully picks great new designers and their items,  making available to us the highest of innovative design in amazingly prices. I’m already in love with some of the treats you are going to see in this post but I’m encouraging you to go through this site and see all these fashionable treasures by yourself.


Dinu_Bodiciu, Yojirokake

If you’re daring enough this e-boutique is just made-to-measure for you. Items are shipped worldwide safely I suppose, and personally I’m ready to place my first order and see what happens! I’m very much thrilled and excited to wear pieces that very few people own, especially on occasions such as the Fashion Week! Indeed, style isn’t just a label. It’s the whole philosophy of the designer and the chemistry they have with the wearer! Personality and self-expression is the prerogative here and those two elements should always be the leading power behind your fashion choices as well as the driving force behind this industry!


Elena Sendona

Zlo, Peter_Ripa

P.S. Check those amazing hand-crafted bags by Mrs Herskin from Budapest like the one featured at the top of this page to the right, and you will realize how much fantasy and innovation is hidden behind this store!

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