ALCHÈTIPO by Andrea Alchieri’s 2024-25 Seasonless Collection

“Cinema’s Chorus” marks the latest offering from ALCHÈTIPO by Andrea Alchieri, a seasonless collection that delves into the allure of magic. Drawing inspiration from “The Magic Book” by Taschen, the collection conjures a world of dark mystique, with hints of both terror and wonder. Magicians, as pioneers of special effects, serve as the catalyst for this exploration, blurring the lines between reality and illusion on stage and screen.

Andrea Alchieri’s aesthetic project finds its roots in the enigmatic and macabre, with each collection offering a new chapter in his visual narrative. Embracing the theme of alchemy, Alchieri seamlessly melds science and magic to create a surrealistic experience.

Velvet curtains and chairs take center stage, adorned with prints inspired by psychedelic journeys and reimagined through the lens of print designer Sharon Bassi. The result is a collection that invites introspection and immersion into a world of mystery and occult beauty.

ALCHÈTIPO by Andrea Alchieri transcends traditional gender norms, offering seasonless capsules that defy categorization. Born from Alchieri’s deep-seated passion for art and design, the project reflects his dedication to evoking emotion and storytelling through fashion. As a self-proclaimed “foolish designer,” Alchieri embraces imperfection and complexity, infusing his creations with a blend of fantasy and melancholy.

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