Happy 2020 and Cheers to a New Fashion Decade

Visuals of fashion ad campaigns are always a matter of deep discussion and most obviously lately correlating with issues of inclusivity, sustainability, and ethics. Images conceived but designers and style directors are scrutinized to the nines and the whole dialogue often goes beyond limits to denote that fashion people care about the future of the planet, the undrafted gender lines, the unfairness in ways of treating older age, the scary pace of production, the excessive exposure of personal lives via social media and so on. They are advertising a rebellious spirit even when the whole point isn’t about actual disruption but about selling more to an ever-savvy consumerist new audience from rising markets in the world. We are living in an era of beauty redefinition yet as a fashion editor wouldn’t like the whole discussion to go extremely beyond aesthetics. To me the evolution of aesthetics is of paramount importance and this is what fashion professionals are trying to track. We are excited to examine the newly set boundaries that will be revised faster than in the past, hopefully bringing up images never seen before.


Instead of the uniformity imposed by corporate strategies and commercial goals, we want to see who is da