Dipped in Black!

I found amazing the very fact that Lancôme suggests three different shades of black Vernis in Love nail colors for this FW 13 season. It’s not about dark mood, but probably about festive and explosive mood. Black attracts attention in a magical way. We’ve seen lots of black on the nails in the near past but bringing up different shades of black available for one to choose sounds like novelty. It shows that black is a special color and more versatile that we thought it is. It also urges us to stick to the detail when it comes to style. We need to take care of every inch in our looks. Or else we need to be perfect according to our sense of style. And we feel perfect when we are in control of our image. Sometimes we feel ugly because we didn’t have enough time to get beautiful. Even if you’re busy, invest a little bit thought and a little more time in creating a genuine picture of yourself. Don’t wear the wrong shade, the random clothes, the accessories you weren’t actually meant to wear. This is what we imply when we say to somebody that they look put-together! It’s the originality of it. Thank God, the world of fashion and beauty gives us an immense variety of choices. So take some time to choose for yourselves! The new shades of black are Grey Lumiere, Purple Fiction, and Black Sepia. It’s black mixed with charcoal, deep maroon and ebony, respectively!


Elena Sendona

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