Romantic Vision!


Well, let’s skip this fall/winter season and go straight to summer 2014. I’m craving this magical retro atmosphere being created for the new Cutler and Gross campaign shoot. Stylist John Birchall and creative director Monica Chong did their best to transfer us into a mythical indoor/outdoor space of glamour and sophistication with elements of colonial and pure British style. I’ve not traveled that much to different places in order to be able to figure out where on earth this wonderful villa is located but what I can see is a classical approach in decoration and careful landscaping in the garden. It could be a mansion in France or Britain, or anywhere else in the planet. And besides the impressive setting I’m completely in love with the rose print on the girl’s dress. For sure, the new frames by Cutler and Gross should be extremely awesome in order to stand out in this earthly heaven! So, far no clues about the actual pieces in the upcoming collection but we shall see!


Elena Sendona

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