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We saw an amazing Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2013 Collection during the Latin American Congress of fashion in Cartagena, Colombia. Advocator of impossible mix & matches as he is, Custo showed another collection of different fabrics and material coming up together into meaningful fashion. We noticed lots of grey and subtle prints as well as intricate details and embroidery. There was this signature interplay of volumes and a great deal of layering in the looks. It’s the way to be warm and stylish this season. Custo has a certain language in fashion which makes him evolving, incorporating everything new but in a consistent manner, that is appreciated by the loyal customer. This bohemian attitude is one that is being shared by many fashionable people around the world together with the nomadic spirit he emits. If you happen to be a Bedouin of style, then check his new pieces! Personally, can’t wait to attend his show in NYC during the MB Fashion Week!


Elena Sendona

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