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Dennis Basso Spring/Summer 2022: Eveningwear Inspired by the Mediterranean

Classic codes of elegance keep on fascinating designer Dennis Basso who after a pandemic is happy and determined to get back to glamour and travels to cosmopolitan destinations! Nothing better than sharing the collection’s inspo by the designer himself:

“Spring-Summer 2022 is inspired by the eternal beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the world that has flowered around it, the enchanting seaside towns and villages I have visited over the years, whose names are themselves synonymous with style: Monte Carlo, San Tropez, Capri, Sardinia, and Tangier. The place names alone evoke a vision of glamorous women, perfectly coiffed, elegantly dressed in cocktail clothes on moonlit evenings — women of all ages, dining, dancing, chatting, and flirting in the whisper of a breeze off the water.

The colors of the collection are drawn directly from the fabled coastline, vibrant shades of summer blooms, hues reflected off the shining sea. Fabrics range from organza to gazar; satin back crêpe to the luxury of lace. Exquisite details include hand-embellished fabrics, beaded embroidery, and the sparkle of sequins. Classic and updated silhouettes include mini and maxi skirts, ballerina-length cocktail dresses, and form-fitting gowns.

My desire for you, when adorned in pieces from this collection, is that they whisk you away to that other world of Mediterranean chic, allow you to bring home its gorgeous essence. Beautiful clothes should make you look good, but most of all, make you feel good.”

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