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Kenneth Nicholson Spring/Summer 2022: No Longer Restrained to a Whisper

Crossing gender lines artfully and navigating all areas in between is something entrusted to those whose talent and creativity can really add something new to the complicated fashion scape, and in this case, designer Kenneth Nicholson seems to do so. A menswear collection loved by all gender variations and expressions seems to be a triumph for a person who was deprived of such opportunities in the past. The story behind these colorful, exciting, and truly modern styles is fascinating and reassuring of what fashion can help the world do to take our collective way of thinking to the next level. Let’s go through the narrative that lies beneath the effortless layering of former feminine-masculine style staples, like cute florals, polka dots, and ruffles mixed with sporty shirts and tailored classics in roomy silhouettes including some must-have midi & maxi dresses!

Kenneth Nicholson’s Spring Summer 2022 collection titled, Cy Falls, takes its name and inspiration from his alma mater. The collection gets at the feeling of validation. Going back in time, the artist remembers his high school years with endearment despite it being raw and difficult. As a teen, he was naïve, sensitive, and energetic yet restrained by his surroundings and oftentimes out of place. This collection is a gift to that boy.

The garments borrow from feelings of youth and combine them with experience. Energy and innocence blend with strict sophistication, nineties grunge meets pressed seams, lenticular materials marry bias-cut silhouettes, and accessible fabrics mix with those that feel out of reach.

Kenneth Nicholson’s garments embrace this youthful intensity while celebrating the fully expressed man. No longer restrained to a whisper, Kenneth Nicholson’s Cy Falls can shout.

An incredible design sensibility is seen here! The designer is getting his fair share of praise and recognition, with celebrities opting for his vision. The embroidered custom shirt & suit he created for Formula1 champion Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 MET Gala, and the look he did for CFDA Chief Executive Officer Steven Kolb on the same occasion, are proof of his rising reputation among A-listers.


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