Chuks Collins: A Designer Who Advocates Fashion-Forward Sustainability

Fashion designer and multi-disciplinary visual artist Chuks Collins, uses creativity to tell the personal stories of his own, as well as those of his clients and community. As the founder and creative visionary behind the brand Chuks Collins as well as the newly launched sustainable lifestyle brand TASOU, Collins continuously explores a universe that unites innovative style and production techniques in order to create design that emphasizes avant-garde aesthetics, boldly innovative silhouettes, and sustainable life cycles for all genders.

Born in the United Kingdom, Collins grew up between Nigeria and England. As a child in Nigeria, his grandmother taught him the craftsmanship of true tailoring – a skill that was honed over years and which blossomed into his deep love of Fashion. A very shy child, Collins used his creative expression as an outlet throughout his youth. Refining his skills of drawing, portraiture, and fashion sketching as a student, he steadily gained recognition of his talents and eventually began auctioning off work and participating in numerous art installations.

Combining his artistic vision with a strong business experience—attained in parts through creative consulting and work for such diverse brands as Guinness, Vice, and Ralph Lauren—Collins launched his eponymous collection Chuks Collins in 2014. Rooted in his passion for helping to bring forth the concept of true and personal self-expression, the namesake venture saw its beginnings as a made-to-measure design studio, but quickly blossomed into a full-scale design house of seasonal couture as well as ready-to-wear collections for both men and women.

Chuks Collins has quickly established itself as one of the pioneers of cross-cultural high fashion, having dressed celebrities and change-makers like Kerry Washington, Quincy, Trevor Jackson, The Jonas Brothers, Miss Universe – Andrea Meza, and Terence Nance to name a few. Bridging the African and Western fashion realms, Chuks Collins continues to explore the concept of empowerment through creative expression, bringing this core idea to life in every collection.

With Chuks Collins solidly and successfully established, in 2021 Collins introduced his second brand, the lifestyle and athleisure focused TASOU (The Athletic Side of Us), showcasing new sides of his talent and expanding his profile as a designer. TASOU is Collins’ creative reflection on the importance of achieving a sustained balance of inner and outer health, a direct extension of his personal life philosophy.

TASOU was conceived as an active exploration into the space where lifestyle and athleticism meet, inspired by the contemporary concept of fluidity, that is emerging in our lives as societal structures around us change. Our daily routines of the past are morphing and shifting in response to global and local changes, and so we, as human beings, and the clothes we wear must morph and shift as well.

Both the Chuks Collins collection and TASOU have at their core, developed structures for eco-conscious production and giving back to society. Collins aims to serve as a key player in the movement working to change our consumption patterns and eliminate the environmental threat of fast fashion. The future of fashion will be driven by increasing demand for sustainable solutions without compromising on style or quality.

Both Chuks Collins collection and TASOU were showcased recently, during New York Fashion Week. Learn more about the collections at and Check more on Instagram.


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