Charlotte Welch on Styling & Trends!

Charlotte Welch is talented, inspiring, and resourceful in her role as celebrity and catwalk stylist. After attending the FW17 Michael Costello show she styled with signature edginess and inventiveness I really wanted to ask her some questions regarding her vision and attitude inside the ever-demanding world of fashion!

Elena: What was the initial inspiration behind styling MC for this season?


Charlotte: The inspiration was this woman who had the ultimate cool factor. Our girl this season is bold, she walks into a room and you notice her. I wanted to make sure that the styling highlighted how cool the woman of this season was.

Elena: I saw big hair and lots of white! Which other trends are about to boom in FW17?


Charlotte: I think fur is going to be huge next season, it is already very popular, but I think you will start seeing it on everything. I also think the high slit is here to stay, as well as velvet and the choker/turtleneck.


Elena: What’s your favorite part of the preparation when styling for a fashion show?


Charlotte: My favorite part of the preparation is when you start getting the girls in the look backstage, and you get to see the whole collection come to life. Having my whole team together, from our lead hair stylist to our key makeup artist and Michael, see all our hard work come to life is just like magic. It makes it all worth it.

Elena: What are the challenges met when prepping for a show in wintertime?


Charlotte: Well, the weather, first of all. Being from California, and trying to adjust to a real winter is always a challenge. The other challenge is that it always feels like a quicker turn around from September to February. Because Holiday falls right in the middle of the two seasons, and that is such a huge part of every designer business, it is tough to bounce right into NYFW after New Year’s.


Elena: In what ways your styling attitude has evolved through the years?


Charlotte: Well, I am a lot more in tune with my own vision now that I have done this a few times 😉 In previous seasons, I have been more concerned with what the industry wants, and now I feel a lot more grounded in my vision and the way that Michael and I collaborate on following through on our vision.


Elena: Any other styling vision you haven’t fulfilled yet but you would love to in the near future?

Charlotte: I would love to shoot an editorial in my hometown of San Francisco. I would love to see what we can put together with all of San Francisco’s views and some killer fashion.


What a cool vision! Thanks Charlotte!

Love! xx

Elena Sendona

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