Ancient Grecian Spirit is Alive!

Recently there’s been a pro-classical move towards Greece’s glorious and gracious past as opposed to her weird present. Fashion flatters again the Grecian style using elements from ancient Greek garments and other cultural stuff. In fact, ancient Greece still inspires Giga-Couturiers such as Versace in its apparel and accessories making, offering its patterns and forms. Karl Lagerfeld, the eclectic fashion superstar who masters the art of design and photography, shares this season his traditional passion for ancient Greek and Roman Mythology (he doesn’t make a clear distinction here) in a tremendous, outstanding photo shoot of naked top models (including curvilicious, fabulous Lara Stone) for the legendary, annual Pirelli calendar. Sensuality, history and frivolity blend into a live myth, made from scratch for the sake of these little, fascinating stories that nurtured Greeks for centuries, and hopefully are still in memories. It’s all human but supernatural at the same time, the way the Kaiser of fashion puts it, and glorifies it once again. Concurrently, there was a running contest urging creative people who command drawing, digital or traditional, to give their own design of a top or t-shirt made for D&G and featuring Kylie Minogue as she’s launched now – the ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite. You can have a look at it on Needless to mention of course a series of recent celebrity looks, all in Grecian style, with blue Eva Mendes’ gown at Met Gala being my favorite. It was an amazing Stella McCartney dress everybody was talking about. Concluding, I can recall a few months ago NY designer Indashio appearing in Grecian attire, as Glam God, at the finale of his show, in Athens. Greece lives again through the past, reconstructed by fashion geniuses who love this country no matter what! Jean-Paul Gaultier, a fanatic dweller of Greek settings, could easily agree with me…

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